Watch this brief video (12 min) from Cyrano.ai founder, Dan Paris, about the features and benefits of using Cyrano.ai and everything you'll get.

Zoom with Cyrano.ai Package

Get All of the Zoom Features and Harness the Power of Artificial Intelligence

Get unlimited Zoom recordings, audio transcripts and ability to host webinars for up to 500 attendees PLUS an artificial intelligence driven, real estate focused report for each Zoom call that gives you insight into Motivation, Values & Communication Style of everyone in the meeting (that means you, too!).

Zoom with Cyrano.ai - $19.99/month

Get Unlimited Zoom Cloud Storage, Transcripts, Webinars & More

Are you limping along with a Free Zoom account?

When the pandemic hit and most of us were forced to work virtually, Zoom was the go-to tool for most of us. And why not? The free package worked - until it didn't work. We're now finding that we need more than 40 minutes for meetings and a lot of Agents and Lenders are branching out to webinars - the free account doesn't cover these. Get the maximum Zoom features of unlimited cloud storage, webinar hosting, transcripts and social media streaming.

It's Like Having an Invisible Coach in your Zoom Meeting

Zoom is the new medium for interacting with potential and existing customers. Everything from initial consultations to virtual open houses are taking place on Zoom.

The By Referral Only Zoom Package features Cyrano.ai - a sophisticated artificial intelligence program that acts as a 'meeting advisor'. At the end of your Zoom meeting (min. 10 minute meeting), you'll get a report with an analysis of the attendees based on an algorithm looking at words, phrases, time spent speaking and tone of message.

Record your call as usual to receive vital insights via email soon after your call ...and this report is specific to real estate language, terms and situations.

This will enable you to interact, negotiate and communicate BETTER on Zoom - utilizing the power of science and psychology.

Take Advantage of this Membership Offer

You can get the Zoom package with the Cyrano.AI feature for real estate, for just $19.99 a month. This is an exclusive offer just for By Referral Only members.