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Winning Against Multiple Offers In Today's Red-Hot Real Estate Market

Three Top Industry Pros Reveal What's Working To Win Offers RIGHT NOW!

Hosted By Dan Paris
By Referral Only Coach & Strategist


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Our expert panel:

Jim Urban
Owner, Urban Companies, 37-year industry expert

Janice Nugent
Compass Mortgage Advisors, 20-year industry expert

Wally Melte
Platinum Realty, 36-year industry expert

Bidding Wars Today Can Be Brutal

The Good News Is...You Can Win The Offer!
even with 5, 10, even 25 offers on the table.

There are several strategies working RIGHT NOW and our industry experts will reveal them all in this workshop.

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  • Discover what graphics, and inserts to include in your Buyer Binder to ensure your buyers are mentally and strategically prepared to win from the start.
  • Super Lender Janice Nugent will share how she is helping her real estate agents get their non-cash buyer's offer accepted.
  • Our fool-proof "Top of the Range" Dialogue: Quickly find your buyer's upper range to make sure you know exactly how high that buyer is willing to go during the offer process.
  • The power of the well-drafted Escalation Clause. Get 30-year industry veteran, Jim Urban's, PROVEN to WIN example and learn exactly how to present it.
  • The secret to using "Love Letters" and a GENIUS work-around for those whose state forbids it.
  • The magic "Shaping the Buyer Mindset" method that will help you pre-frame the experience of buying in a low inventory market.

Results Don't Lie...

“I used the escalation clause for the first time and won a 1.4 million dollar listing!. Thanks for the insight and clause language Jim Urban!" - Andrea Harlan

"I have a 78% success rate in multiple offer scenarios.  The industry is <25%. These strategies WORK!" - Dale Flaten

Plus, when you attend the live training we will give you access to Everything you need to put these strategies into action and START WINNING AGAINST MULTIPLE OFFERS!

  • The Entire Presentation Ready To Download!
  • Every document
  • Example
  • Script
  • Binder Inserts
  • Checklist
  • Winning Clause Language
  • ...and much, much more.