How To Craft Your Authentic & Meaningful Message To Clients During Uncertain Times


The Most Important 90 Minutes of Your Career

"This is a time in history where the response that you have to the current crisis will shape your business for perhaps decades to come."

The next communication you have with the people in your database is the most important one you'll be making in a long, long time. Take time to craft a message that is authentic, vulnerable and one that connects deeply with the people in your tribe.


  • I'll walk you through a step-by-step process that I refer to as a PrivateWork-It-Out.
  • You'll learn how to craft your authentic & personal message to use with clients... one that is appropriate to what's happening in the world today.
  • Before we meet, I will send you a Workbook that you can use over and over in the future. It'll quickly become your favorite tool anytime you need to "work it out".
  • You'll end our time together with a renewed sense of relief and excitement. You'll be ready to reach out to your clients and feel good about your message and approach.

We are going to be stronger on the other side of this. We just have to work a little harder and smarter right now. This training is your first step to getting you there.

I look forward to working through this time of uncertainty with you to help make your future bigger and brighter despite these new challenges we face. Let’s do this together!

- Joe

Here's How it Works...

We'll meet at 9 am Mountain Time on May 6th for 90 Minutes

  • Live PrivateWork-It-Out Self Coaching Session with Master Coach Joe Stumpf.
  • You will receive an email with a PDF containing the PrivateWork-It-Out before each meeting.
  • Please print this and bring to the live webinar.
  • In the first 50 minutes, I'll guide you through your 20 PrivateWork Self Coaching prompts.
  • In the final 10-20 minutes, I will offer one-to-one coaching for those who want it and encourage you to share your insights from your work.

Read What People Are Saying About PrivateWork Self Coaching

"The gift of PrivateWork in my life right now has been invaluable. You timed it perfectly. To have this meditation and then PrivateWork to look forward to every morning has been such a wonderful and productive way to start my day and waking up at 5:30 AM each day to train my mind to slow down and be engaged in the moment of each breath has helped provide such clarity to the things I most wish and want to accomplish during these safer at home time. Thank you so very much for creating this powerful work Joe Stumpf!"

–Jae Wu

"PrivateWork has really brought me into a deep honesty with myself, and a deep connection with my inner creator. And discovering this connection has brought me into a superpower, that has elevated my boldness and my brilliance and has energized me to just be more of a light in my pathway, and for others. This structure has really allowed me to just dedicate this hour every morning to... And the changes have already just been amazing. I have started every morning now I go for like a 8-mile bike ride. And I hadn't done that in years and years. I feel so great. But that's because of the decisions I made in just listening to myself and writing out the routines. This is something that I definitely will do forever."

–Charlotte Volsch

"This has been an amazing venture for me, because what I realized is it is so humbling how ignorant my conscious mind is. So what I think I know is not really what's there. What PrivateWork has done for me is it's allowed me to look at the thought behind the thought behind the thought. It's like you can't work on a car without popping the hood. And you have to pop the hood to see what's going on underneath there. You may think you know what's going on with your car, but until you pop the hood, you don't know for sure. And so what PrivateWork has done to me, it's brought the unconscious mind to conscious awareness and I can't thank you enough."

–Stephen Smith

"What I am loving the most though PrivateWork is as I rise early each morning there is a new habit of inquisitiveness greeting my day. Waking up with new intention to go seeking. It's just me, myself and I. Invited to have a raw and honest conversation with self, through thought provoking questions. I get to leave it all on the court. No judgement, no one grading my answers. Clearing the clutter from my mind. New awareness. Pause. RESET. Thank you for the invitation to explore and reconnect with the authenticity of myself."

–Michelle Edgington

"It's been a very grounding ritual. I feel like I am in incubation. Each day a layer is exposed and an insight hatched. I look forward to re-reading and seeing where there are pockets of redundancy and themes that need to be viewed in a new light. I can only imagine the thought that went into the sequencing of the specific questions. I have already put into place several of my action steps from various insights. I love the thought that I will do this every day for a year."

–An Marshall

"After only 11 days I have gone from 2 to 3 word answers to the Work-It-Out prompt questions to 25 to 35 word answers. I have also used the PrivateWork system and tools to work out a vexing question of my own, on my own. I was able to get to the root of the emotion that was blinding me to the answer and get to a place of peace and resolve. Thanks Joe. See you tomorrow."

–Enrique Rodriguez

"Joe Stumpf’s exceptional PrivateWork process leads me each morning to my inspired inner dialogue. I am so intrigued about my thoughts and their balancing act in between chaos and rigidity. The captivating framework of Joe’s work-it-outs, draws out my freshest thinking. This is my PrivateWork. I’m grateful. I enjoy working with our PrivateWork club, I learn so much when we share and comment."

–Audrey Shay

"Really have enjoyed the dance between my emotional self and the logical self. Finding common threads in each PrivateWork-It-Outs has brought me to a higher level of consciousness and deep awareness as to what work needs to begin next. Question after question takes me to new places. I can 'think" about where my insight will land and then Surprise it lands in yet another place. AWE.. love my PrivateWork."

–Linda Pillard