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The Secret Initial Consultation Formula Revealed!


Dan Paris -
By Referral Only Coach & Strategist

Paul Berkobin
National Mortgage Consultant nmls#133238
Personal Financial Strategist

You Can Double Your Business in the Next 12-18 months… Without Spending Any More Money

There is a Simple Formula...
And it ALL Happens in the Initial Consultation

Right now, EVERY lead and conversation is highly valuable. It's essential that your Initial Consultation is strategic, well-planned, and not only leads to a transaction BUT also leads to MORE TRANSACTIONS (more REFERRALS).

Paul Berkobin rocks the initial consultation better than ANYONE we have seen before. He has a 100% referral rate stemming from his IC. This isn't by chance either. He has a very thought-out, strategic process for the initial consultation and he's going to reveal it ALL to you during this webinar.

Join Us for this FREE Webinar to Discover:

  • The 3 Phases of the Initial Consultation: When presented in this exact sequence, you'll achieve a referral on the spot and/or plant the seed for guaranteed future referrals. (It works EVERY TIME!)
  • Paul's "Fool-Proof" Referral Seed Script: You'll never feel more comfortable using a script to plant a referral seed than with this PROVEN dialogue.
  • The simple question that you should be asking in EVERY SINGLE IC: It's amazing how many Agents & Lenders never even think to ask this, yet it's the KEY to gaining their trust and closing the deal.
  • How to Instantly Differentiate Yourself From Any Other Lender or Agent: "Stop the Shop" by using Paul's 4-Part Formula that immediately establishes why YOU are the only one they will need to work with to buy or sell their home.
  • The 4 Choices That You Give A Client That Leads Them Directly To Working With You: When you present these 4 options, the magic NLP and psychological "Mojo" works to make it clear that YOU are THE one to work with and no one else will do.
  • Avoid the ONE Big Mistake That 99% of Agents & Lenders Make During the IC: It's simple to avoid once... you're aware of this deal-breaker.

What they are saying about this free IC workshop...

“This will innovate my I.C. and take it to a new level.” - An Marshall

“Paul, your system rocks! Thank you very much for sharing.” - Dale F.

“Thank you for breaking this down, Paul I am inspired!!!” - Stephanie Hughes

“You are the REAL DEAL Paul!  Thanks so much for your time, and for sharing all of this material!!”- Randy

Plus, when you attend the live training we will give you access to Everything you need to Double Your Business through Your Initial Consultation!

  • Paul's Entire Presentation Ready To Download!
    Every script, his dialogues, examples of his actual IC presentation, all of the formulas to create your own unique IC presentation, and more!
  • Delivering A Remarkable Presentation Training
    Crafting a remarkable presentation is about mastering the art, science, and psychology of persuasion. You’ll discover the language patterns, sequence, and structure that will not only give you the competitive difference, but will also set you up, right from the beginning, to get more introductions. Be prepared to revamp your old presentation and master the art of having meaningful conversations that get results. This is the PERFECT accompaniment to Paul's IC strategy!
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    There's no arguing that it's really tough out there right now. It's hard to keep focused and stay motivated. To help you really get in the right mindset for DAILY success I will start you off each morning with a TEXT MESSAGE with the fresh thinking you need to make the most out of every day. This is by far one of the most popular By Referral Only Member perks, but you'll get it for free for 21 days. You're going to LOVE this one! (Don't worry, if you don't LOVE it...opt-out anytime)
  • Online Meeting Technology Made Easy Video Training
    Learn how to use online video chat and meeting platforms like Loom & Zoom for your Initial Consultation and any online event or meeting with these helpful video tutorials.