UNLOCK Your Life

Having survived rock bottom, Andre knew he could help others do the same. Pulling from his life experiences, Unlock Your Life is a program designed to teach individuals, families and corporations how to turn any situation around regardless of the circumstances. Andre’s pledge is to help anyone in need.

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Making an Impact and Changing Lives

Working with Inmates

Andre utilizes an artful blend of life coping strategies and mindset mastery skills to foster the rehabilitation process of inmates housed in maximum security prisons.

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Family Support

Andre and his team implement a unique program that focuses specifically on families affected by incarceration, with a focus on restoration.

Youth Program

Participants in this program are given access to the support and guidance needed to create a positive environment that will assist in keeping them out of jail.

We welcome all donations, as we continue to strive to create impact. All donations are tax deductible.

Corporate Charitable Contribution 

  • Your company can add Academy of Hope to its annual giving.
  • Employees can add Academy of Hope as monthly recurring payments, directly to our organization, which will be used to further our initiatives outlined above.
  • You can host an event on behalf of Academy of Hope.

Individual Charitable Contribution 

  • You can make a financial donation as an individual to the Academy of Hope.
  • You can donate books or educational courses.  
  • You can donate your time and volunteer with the Academy of Hope.

Andre's Promise

Andre promises to continue supporting individuals in need of assistance. For the past 20 years Andre has traveled the world serving and working with countless people to improve the lives of the underserved. Your donations will go directly to families, communities and programs that do great work.

"Andre donated 100 books to the NCY Department of Education Queens South Summer 8th and 12th grade graduates! He is the greatest stranger I've met during COVID-19! God bless him!"

Edith Richards

Health Services Director - Queens South NYCDOE Borough

“Andre’s generous donation to Women Outside the Walls (W.O.W) will help us provide free tools to help improve the lives of women and families of incarcerated men.”

Jenice Green

Women Outside The Walls

"Every once in a while, someone comes along whose work helps to make the next step in life a lot clearer. That has been my experience when working with Andre Norman."

L. Jamall Kinard

Executive Director - Lakeview Neighborhood Alliance