6 Strategies for Agents & Lenders That Are Working Right Now


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During this FREE workshop, you'll discover what some of the smartest and most successful agents & lenders are doing RIGHT NOW to keep their businesses moving forward despite the pandemic. Strategies that lead directly to new business, deeper relationships and transactions... even during times of uncertainly.

One Training + 6 Strategies = Limitless Opportunities

One of the best webinars today!!... thank you Dan Paris & Mario Martinez…”. - Tommy R.

By Referral Only is THE best COVID Vaccine. -Thanks so much!” - Rosalin Smith-Carr

I love all of your relevant content! Thank you!” - Andrea Harlan

This was Absolutely Wonderful!! Thank You! Thank You!” - Vanzella

"This is a time in history where the actions you take right now and the relationships you build will shape your business for perhaps decades to come."


  • We'll walk you through a PROVEN 3- step process that will comfortably help you reconnect with your tribe with a message that is authentic and appropriate for what's happening in the world today.
  • We'll talk about the 7 Levels of Communication and which levels you should be focusing on right now in light of the pandemic situation.
  • We will share with you a simple letter that is so good clients and leads will be calling YOU just to thank you for sending it. (talk about an opportunity creator!)
  • See the email and post that one agent used to get dozens of former clients & brand new leads CALLING HIM and excited to connect for a special virtual event. (more opportunity!)
  • Over 16 social media post ideas to get your juices flowing on creating ENGAGEMENT online.
  • We will show you examples of social posts that are getting agents and lenders 10x the shares, comments, and likes than they ever received before.
  • Plus, when you attend the live training we will give you a copy of all of the examples, scripts, samples and strategies...just swipe and deploy...all for free.

We are going to be stronger on the other side of this my friends. We just have to work a little harder and smarter right now. This training is your first step to getting you there.

We look forward to working through this time of uncertainty with you to help make your future bigger and brighter despite these new challenges we face.

Let’s do this together!

BRO MEMBERS: please login to your dashboard or the FB Group for a link to the special members only version of this presentation.